Yacht Charter in Greece is one of the most favorite and joyful routes. What make this route irrevocable? Of course, the unique Greek islands, crystal waters of Aegean sea and the chilly winds that give a freshness to the hot summer days.

MG Yachting offers you 3 different routes for yacht charter in Greece.


Cyclades Route:

We begin our Cyclades tour with the most crazy island of all Greece; Mykonos.  There are direct flights to Mykonos from many locations in Europe.  Then we will continue with Paros, Naxos, Amorgos and Santorini.

Mykonos is famous with its endless fun, exciting nightlife, large gay community, fascinating long sandy beaches meeting with crystal Eagean waters and emblematic white-blue houses and churches. The island is visited by thousands of people every year who relax and enjoy the magnificent sandy beaches during the day time and  have enormous fun with huge parties and special cocktails in the famous bars and night clubs through-out the island. These are some of the beaches that you can enjoy the sunlight and sea; Paradise, Super Paradise, Elia, Platis Gialos, Psarou, Agios Ioannis, Agrari, Paranga, Kalo Ftelia…

Paros is also famous with its long sandy beaches, landscapes with colorful bougain villeas. It is located in the middle of the Cyclades near to Mykonos and well known with Parian traditional villages with white washed houses and churches. Except with its colorful landscapes which you can take advantage during the daylight, you can enjoy the night with exciting bars and clubs located in the island.

Naxos is one of the islands that keep its authenticity that attracts thousands of visitors every year. With is fertile islands, the island offers fresh agricultural products to the visitors besides the sandy beaches, museums, great food and archaeological sites. The island was rules by the Greek God Dionysus and later by the Venetians and Marko Sanudo, who left great remains in the island waiting for tourists to visit.

Amorgos is an incredible beauty attracted by a lot of visitors and also by a famous French movie-maker Lus Besson. He shot some scenes for his famous movie “Big Blue”, at the huge 300 meters precipice of island, Hozoviotissa. There are also a lot of sandy beaches that you can enjoy during your visit.

Santorini is famous with its active volcanic feature and black stones, offering gorgeous landscapes and atmosphere. Most of the villages are located in high cliffs of island with amazing view of submerged volcano and a caldera. Also the village called Oia attracts visitors with its beautiful sunset with tasty wine. The island has black-red sandy beaches, museums, archaeological sites, and incredible food that are offered to the visitors having a nice Gulet holidays in Greek islands.


North Dodecanese:

North Dodecanese tour starts with the island Kos. As there is an international airport located in Kos there will be no difficulty when coming to the island. The islands you would see during the blue voyage are Patmos, Lepsoi, Kalymnos and of course Kos.

Patmos is a famous island with its religious past. This is the island where Saint John the Divine dwell and wrote The Book of Revelation – The Apocalypse. Since the island was belonged to church till the near past, there are the traces of this governance, such as Monastery of Saint John the Divine, and also the sings forbids nude and topless bathing. With its religious past and beautiful beaches you will definitely enjoy your time in Patmos.

Leros is the best island to have a calm blue cruise holiday as the island has recently been opened to tourism. The island served as a military base to Italians and Germans during the Greek dictatorship. So with its strictly protected landscapes and beaches, Leros is a right place to enjoy the silence and have some time to relax.

Kalymnos is close to western coast of Turkey, located between Kos and Leros. As the island recently opened to the tourism, it still keeps the traditions of Greek life with a unique atmosphere. The island is famous for its sponge fishing which is not available since 1986, the island attracts visitors with its unique geology that provide a great opportunity for climbing. The rocky mountains and caves, mostly the Cave of the Seven Virgins, of Kalymnos are great for climbing.

Kos is the third largest Greek island and second most attracted by tourist after Rhodes so it is an island that tourists can find everything that they want.  The beautiful beaches, picturesque towns and tasty foods, traditional Greek nightlife are the factors that draw visitors to the island.


South Dodecanese:

South Dodecanes  blue voyage starts from Rhodes to Halki, Tilos and Simi.

Simi is one of the silent Greek islands, great destination for a relaxing vacation during cruise holiday with unique architecture, great beaches and villages.  Since there is very few cars on the island, the nature is protected with a charming thought. The island is also known for the Monastery of Archangel Michael, in the village Panormitis, seen by many visitors through-out the year.

Tilos is a small and remote island visited by tourist who looks for calm and relaxing holiday. The island preserves its traditions, picturesque look and natural beauty.

Halki is also a small island that is located near the Rhodes. The island is famous with its annual gathering of young people of the world for peace and friendship that takes place in September. In the other months the island is quite and suitable for visitors who look for peace and calm holiday.

Rhodes is the biggest island among the Greek islands. The Old City is surrounded by walls which is very well preserved from the medieval settlements of Europe built by Knight of Saint John. This mediavel city has the traces of the times from Antiquity, Byzantine, middle ages and Ottoman rule. There are many Byzantine churches which attract many visitors.